Collection: 3-D ROCK PORTRAITS

These are my hand-painted portraits of rock-n-roll musicians from the '60s...
all are completely hand-made with nothing digital or computer-enhanced.

They are all painted and carved on wood, which lends warmth and life to the subject.

They have 3D elements that rise above the base surface - giving the
pieces a sculptural quality and making the musician look REAL...
like they are about to breathe.

Incorporated into these paintings are real objects -
guitars, jewelry, clothing, even sunglasses!
These add to the striking realism. 

I've been told that the eyes of my portraits follow you, and that it
feels like the musician is right there with you.

Many are embellished with ribbon, crystals and mirrors.
Each one is made from my heart
(and blood sweat and tears)...

These portraits are my version of a dedication to these great musicians
and to pay homage to the best music ever made!

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