I was born and raised in Reading, Pennsylvania. 
 Growing up, I was always drawing, painting and doing crafts.
In 1990, I graduated from the Pennsylvania School of Art &
Design, and moved to
San Diego in 1993.

I have a great passion for painting - it gives me so much joy! 
Animals are my favorite things in
the world and they are my favorite 
subject to paint.

Music is a huge inspiration for me, and I've delved
into painting rock musicians. 
Growing up in the '70s and '80s in Reading, I listened to great 
radio stations that were broadcasted out of Philadelphia.

These stations played a wide variety of rock music and album
'deep cuts" 
from the '60s - that music melded into my soul!

It inspires and energizes me and so do the musicians
who created that  
I love the stories and personalities of those bands
and want to 
pay homage to the best music ever made! 

Painting them is a type of dedication.

My original art is all hand-made -
usually painted and/or carved...    
nothing is digital or computer-enhanced.

I enjoy painting on wood - it brings warmth and life
to whatever is painted. 
The grain of the wood adds to the uniqueness of each piece.

Many of my paintings have three-dimensional elements,
with some parts 
actually rising above the base surface.  
I also incorporate real objects into much of my work,
including guitars, clothing, beads, mirrors and even sunglasses!

The resulting effect is realistic and as if the subjects
are about to start breathing.

I've heard comments describing it as seeming as if the musicians
or animals are actually hanging out in the room with you!

My art has been displayed in galleries and boutiques in
and around Southern California.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my art 
or have any questions, please contact me at 

I was interviewed by Dave Good in San Diego Reader -
"The Classic Rock Artist"

Here is a video about my art -
Thanks to Michael Packmore for creating this!