Front View of Grace Slick Mini
Mini from right side
Mini from left side
Mini front view
Mini on wall with lava lamp and plant

Grace Slick 10.5"W x 19"H

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10.5"W x 19"H

This Rockin' Replica is a printed reproduction of my larger
original painting, 
(see 3-D ROCK PORTRAITS category)
which was 
inspired by Jefferson Airplane's song, "White Rabbit."

Grace Slick's figure is die-cut and is raised above the base wood. 
Then, raised above HER is the caterpillar, rabbit and hookah.

All elements are hand-assembled and embellished.

A silky cord attaches to the hookah, and runs up into the little
hand of the smoking caterpillar!

Different colored Swarovski crystals adorn the figures as well as the lettering.
A twinkling crystal makes Grace's eyes twinkle!