About the Artist...

I have been drawing ever since I can remember, and painting since Jr. High School.
In 1990, I graduated from the Pennsylvania School of Art & Design, and moved
to San Diego in 1993.

I have a great passion for painting -- it brings me so much joy! Having always been drawn to nature and that which is wild and primal, I enjoy painting animals, native Americans and many aspects of their culture. Most recently I've delved into painting Rock and Blues musicians, as music is a huge inspiration for me.

My artwork is all hand-crafted -- usually painted and/or carved…nothing is digital or computer-enhanced.

I enjoy painting on wood -- it brings about a warmth and life to whatever is
painted. The grain of the wood adds to the uniqueness of each piece.

Many of my paintings have three-dimensional elements, with certain parts actually rising
above the base surface. I also incorporate real objects into much of my work, including real guitars, clothing, beads, and even sunglasses!

Many of my pieces incorporate crystals -- these catch the light and add depth and life. The effect has been described as having it seem like the musicians are actually in the room with you!

My art has been displayed in galleries and boutiques in and around Southern

By the way, I do commercial art as well. See it HERE...

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Jessie at an art show with her take on Jerry G.

Jessie presenting Albert King artwork to Dan Aykroyd.

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